If you’ve been diagnosed with celiac disease or have an intolerance to gluten, you know how overwhelming the process of going gluten-free can be. Not only do we worry about ingredients and cross-contamination when other people are cooking for us, but we also worry about getting accidentally “glutened” in our own homes!

I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2008.  We kept a bi-gluten kitchen (parts of it were gluten free and parts were not) for a couple of years.  Then we decided the cross contamination risk was just too much. Too often I became sick in my own home and we could only determine it must be some sort of cross between the gluten and gluten free side of the kitchen. Needless to say, I was miserable!


I felt like this! Did you know that when you are using flours containing gluten that the dust of the flour is in the air?

It is being spread not only in your kitchen but throughout your house!  It’s true!



Then one day, my husband woke up and said, “That’s it! We’re going gluten free!”  We threw away all of the gluten in the house.  We replaced any and all containers, utensils and such that could possibly be “holding” gluten and causing me problems.

We then cleared every shelf out and cleaned, cleaned again and then steam cleaned all the surface areas. When we were done it was like having new cabinets and countertops! We then tackled the refrigerator, stove and microwave and gave them the same treatment.



When we were done our kitchen was sparkling and most importantly – TOTALLY GLUTEN FREE.  No crumbs, no gluten residue, NOTHING!

Since then, we’ve replaced the stove, refrigerator, microwave and dishwasher.  They were installed after we went completely gluten free, so they don’t even know what that is! We’ve also replaced our countertops and sink. There’s not much left from the old gluten regime!

Gluten has not entered our house in over 3 years. Seriously, not one crumb!



askSo, now you’re asking yourself…what does this mean for me?

Well, if you have Celiac Disease or suffer from a gluten intolerance and are looking to move, this means a LOT to you!  We’ve already done all the work for you and can provide you a SAFE home to move into.

No scrubbing or worrying if there are gluten crumbs lurking in the nooks and crannies of your new home.  Nope!  It’s going to be a stress free experience knowing that you just put your food on the counter and WAIT…oh never mind, it’s COMPLETELY safe.  You will have peace of mind knowing this is a FULLY gluten free home. No wheat dust floating in the air!

peaceSo, come on down and check out a home that is not only gluten free and provides peace of mind, but is beautiful inside and out.



To top it all off, you get to live in sunny Florida, in a safe, quiet neighborhood.  The people are friendly and you’ll be located just outside Tampa.  It’s a small town feel with the conveniences of living in town. You’ll have access to all the major grocery stores, hardware stores, and you’ll be only a few minutes drive from Wiregrass Mall and the NEW Town Center currently under construction!

Best of all, you can enjoy all of this and more, because you won’t be scrubbing down your house to make it safe just so you can eat!

Hope to hear from you soon!


Contact us for more information:


Phone: (813) 438-6693



Trick or Treat – we are being tricked!


From Wikipedia: The practice of dressing up in costumes and begging door to door for treats on holidays dates back to the Middle Ages and includes Christmas wassailing. Trick-or-treating resembles the late medieval Christian practice of souling,[6] when poor folk would go door to door on Hallowmas (November 1), receiving food in return for prayers for the dead on All Souls Day (November 2). It originated in Ireland and Britain,[4] although similar practices for the souls of the dead were found as far south as Italy.[7] Shakespeare mentions the practice in his comedy The Two Gentlemen of Verona (1593), when Speed accuses his master of “puling [whimpering or whining] like a beggar at Hallowmas.”[8] The custom of wearing costumes and masks at Halloween goes back to Celtic traditions of attempting to copy the evil spirits or placate them, in Scotland for instance where the dead were impersonated by young men with masked, veiled or blackened faces, dressed in white.


It amazes me sometimes how companies have used holidays to evolve their marketing to sell their products on certain holidays.  For instance, “Trick or Treating” originally was a way for the poor to provide a service in return for food.  A service that was more spirituality than true work, they prayed for your dead.  Now, children dress up in various costumes, go door to door and say “Trick or Treat” and are rewarded with sugar and chemicals. I often wonder, how did this happen in our cultures? Who thought it was a good idea to take something that helped people, or often was a time to cause mischief, and turn it into a way for their company to make money?

Trick or Treat didn’t really take hold as a child’s holiday in the United States until the late 1920s, where typically teenagers used the holiday as a way to cause mischief and get treats to stop.  Then in the 1930s children started dressing up to get sugary treats.  However, this practice was held during the World Wars due to sugar rations. Adults through the 1950’s thought it was a form of extortion and often responded with anger at the practice.  Sometime between then and 1980 there was a huge shift and this holiday became a practice to give out lots and lots of sugar!  By 2005 80% of the adults planned to give out confectionery treats and by 2008 it was a 5 billion dollar business!

Now we spend 7 billion a year on this day alone! 1.2 billions of pumpkins are grown for us to carve and 1 billion apples are used during this holiday to cover in caramel or bob for, yet very little is eaten!  The scariest thought here is we will spend over 2 billion dollars for this holiday for candy alone! Wow, all of those “billions” of food and dollars going so that we can decorate and stuff our bodies with sugar.  That is scary.  Can you imagine what we could do with billions of pumpkins and apples to help people heal or to feed those without food?  Can you imagine what 2 billion dollars could do besides make the candy companies rich?

I am not trying to rain on your night of fun.  I think the flip side is it’s a great night to be silly and childlike.  It gives our overstressed kids a night of play and relaxation.  I am just saying that maybe we need to think about how all of this came about.  That at some point, we became a slave to some great marketing and in turn, we are wasting food and introducing harmful chemicals into our bodies and the bodies of our children.  I don’t think we need to cancel today, just rethink it a bit.  How could we celebrate this holiday so that we were all healthier?  How could we cut back on spending of costumes and candy, so that we could actually go back to the original intentions of helping the poor? And most importantly, how could we not waste BILLIONS of food that would actually be good for us to eat or would help feed those in need?  So today, think of one way to shift this movement to a more healthier and helpful holiday.  If we all make one small shift, imagine what it would do for our world, for our children and for ourselves!


Love to you all and stay away from the Pink Slime!

Love to you all and stay away from the Pink Slime!
Just something else to look out for.  Not gonna do a full post on this but here are a couple of links to look at.


BTW – some schools still use this in their lunches….. images (1)


So – what is Pink Slime?


Glad you asked – If you’ve been wondering “what is pink slime?” and whether you’ve purchased any of it from a major supermarket or grocery store, it would help to know that the beef industry and the USDA refer to it as “lean, finely textured beef.”


Remember all of those 4th of July burgers you ate or the times you stopped at McDonalds, Wendy’s, Burger King or other fast food places or gone to a restaurant and bought a burger?  Yeah – they were pretty good weren’t they?  Add pickles, lettuce, mayo, onions, and some yummy, juicy Pink Slime!!!
In other words, you probably bought pink slime ground beef and/or eaten some at a friend or family member’s BBQ, because the pink slime process has been around since the 1990s and back in the day all the cool kids were eating Pink Slime burgers – yes even you.
In short – a lot of the meat used for burgers and other lean products is spun in a centrifuge to separate the meat from the bone and the fat and then it is treated with an ammonia gas once it is removed from the centrifuge.  By 2001, both the FDA and the USDA had approved this new “pH Enhancement System,” and the company began marketing the new ammonia-treated product.


Sounds good to me!!! Um – wait – doesn’t the warning label on the bottle say something about using in a well ventilated area and not drink or ingest?  Maybe I missed something in chemistry class – I always thought ammonia was bad 😦


Check out these links for more information:


This process has never been done on chicken, turkey or chicken nuggets.  Some places say they no longer use pink slime in their products, but is there really a way to confirm that?


Love to you all and stay away from the Pink Slime!


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Would You Eat A Yoga Mat?

Would You Eat A Yoga Mat?
Kim sent me a link about the stuff below and we were talking about how the FDA can let this kind of stuff happen and we wish there was something that could be done about.  Well I decided to at least let some people know about it. Please pass this along to your friends, family or anyone you think would like to know this.  This IS a very good reason why so many Americans are sick with deadly diseases!!!


Azodicarbonamide (also known as E927) is used as a food additive, a flour bleaching agent and an improving agent for some types of food – it is found in the bread at Subway (for now – they are in the process of removing it from their recipe), some Sara Lee rolls, Pillsbury Toaster Strudel Pastries (I love these things), and there was something else – of yeah – I remember what it was yoga mats, shoe rubber and synthetic leather (just to name a few). Anyone up for some shoe leather soup??


The USDA and the FDA have given azodicarbonamide a generally recognized as safe (GRAS) status and is allowed to be added to flour at levels up to 45 ppm.  In the UK, the Health and Safety Executive has identified azodicarbonamide as a respiratory sensitizer (a possible cause of asthma) and determined that products should be labeled with “May cause sensitisation by inhalation.” The World Health Organization has linked azodicarbonamide to “respiratory issues, allergies and asthma” for individuals at workplaces where azodicarbonamide is manufactured.   Granted they are referring to inhaling the chemical and while I don’t know of anyone who works at the Subway factory making their dough they do cook it in the stores and you can smell the bread cooking when you walk in the door.  Hello – if you can smell it aren’t you inhaling it? I don’t know of many chemicals that are harmful to inhale but are safe to eat – do you? Crack maybe??


The biggest thing isn’t to get on a soapbox or boycott Subway or anything – it is to let people know what they are eating and to find a way to let our government know that they DO NOT have our best interest in mind – they might if we had the billions of dollars to throw at them like the big food companies do.  Do some reading on GMO and then say the government, the FDA and the USDA have our best interest in mind.


If you think this is bad – wait until you find out what is in bagels – not some bagels but all bagels.  I will fill everyone in on that in the future!


Here’s a link to all the foods that have E927 in them.  Keep an eye out for E927 and watch what your putting in your mouth!!


Mark Jarvis
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